Reach out already, you won't be disappointed 

Let's talk over a cup of ☕️ (she won't answer)
Phone: (+27) 73 369 3014*
*(Idk why we put the +27 there, you all know we're South African).
Sherr Digital team

Who are we even?

The Tech Guy
I've been working in tech for most of my life, I love computers, economics and the occasional dad joke.
The Finance Guy
I look like a finance guy don't I. I studied business, worked as a Financial Advisor and now I'm here, doing money things.
The Designer
I (try) to help those two create aesthetically pleasing websites. I also love dogs and I study psychology.
The Mascot
This is Ari. She is pivotal to the team. It also looks nicer having 4 blocks here instead of 3 (according to Georgina).